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Court Procedure >> Preparation of Weekly Cause Lists


12.01 Preparation of Weekly Cause Lists :

Cause lists for the next week should be prepared and the copies made out by Wednesday afternoon at the latest. All the files pertaining to cases fixed for hearing in the following week will be handed over by the Head Clerk to the Court Master latest by Tuesday. Any letter or communication received in the registry after handing over the files to the Court Master pertaining to those cases will be handed over to the Court Master immediately on receipt.

12.02 The Court Master shall arrange the files of hearing datewise and prepare the cause list in accordance with orders issued from time to time. The short matters will be listed first in the cause list and regular matters later as indicated below


Short Matters :-

  1. Pronouncement of judgement
  2. Stay matters
  3. Miscellaneous Applications Regular Matters

Regular Matters :-

  1. Part heard matters
  2. Matter directed to be listed on priority on orders of the Bench
  3. Reference Applications
  4. Appeals

12.03 Within each category the cases should be listed in chronological order unless there is some order with regard to a particular matter being listed in a particular position. The part heard matters irrespective of the year they pertain to shall, however, take precedence over all other matters posted for a date. The names of the advocates / Authorized Representatives representing the appellants shall also be shown under the relevant column in the cause list. The "Part Heard", "Special Order" and "Adjourned Cases" will be shown in the cause list with the indication in the manner given below :-

1. (Case No.) (Parties Names) (Advocate / Representative's Name)
  ( P.H. From ..............)
2. Case No. _____________ _____________________
  ( Spl. Order dt ................)
3. Case No. _____________ _____________________
  ( Adj. from .................)

After preparing the cause list, the Court Master shall hand over the same to the Assistant Registrar who shall check up the same with reference to the diary maintained by him and also the files wherever necessary and arrange
for typing, duplicating etc. Copies of the cause lists will be endorsed to :-

  1. The concerned Departmental Representative
  2. Private secretary to President
  3. Registrar
  4. Deputy Registrars
  5. Assistant Registrar (C.R.)
  6. Bar Association

Sufficient extra copies will also be taken to place a Copy on the files being sent to the Members concerned each day for hearing.